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Duration : 14 Days 13 Nights
Season : Mid March to May- October to December



In 1899 Douglas Freshfield was to be the first mountaineer who set out with his party along the Dzongri trek route to examine the great western face of Kanchenjunga (Khangchendzonga), rising from the Kanchenjunga Glacier.

Though vast environmental changes have taken place since then, nevertheless we have chocked out an itinerary for you to relive those moments.

Douglas W. Freshfield (1845-1934), a British barrister, mountaineer, writer, poet and geographer, was one of the greatest mountain explorer of any age. A prominent figure in the Royal Geographical Society. Following the footsteps of the 1883 mountaineering party of W Graham, which after climbing an 18000 ft peak, was forced to return to Darjeeling after only a week, Douglas Freshfield set out with his party in 1899. He was to be the first mountaineer to trek in a circle around Khangchendzonga, from the North. When he finally arrived safely in 1899,at Dzongri, he lit a big bonfire, which was visible as far as Darjeeling. The Governor of Bengal ordered Gun Salute to be fired in his honour.

He was also the first mountaineer to examine the great western face of Khangchendzonga, rising from the Khangchendzonga Glacier. Douglas Freshfield had traveled to Green Lakes along with the famous Italian photographer Vittorio Sella’ who had photographed Siniolchu from Zemu Valley. Freshfield has described Siniolchu as “The Most Superb Triumph of Mountain Architecture and The Most Beautiful Snow Mountain in the World”.

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Day 01 : Arrive at Bagdogra. Leave for Yuksam.
Day 02 : Yuksam to Bakhim.
Day 03 : Bakhim to Phedang
Day 04 : Phedang to Dzongri.
Day 05 : Dzongri to Bikbari.
Day 06 : Bikbari to Base camp. Sight seeing and back.
Day 07 : Bikbari to Dzongri.
Day 08 : Dzongri to Thangsing.
Day 09 : Thangsing to Samiti Lake.
Day 10 : Samiti Lake to Goechala to Cockchurung.
Day 11 : Cockchurung to Tshoka
Day 12 : Tshoka to Yuksam
Day 13 : Yuksam to Khechupalri Lake to Pelling.
Day 14 : Pelling to Bagdogra (Farewell)

About Dzongri by Freshfield himself:
Suddenly you are in the presence of the Snow mountain unless they are indeed as they seem, in the first awestruck moment of beholding, embodied spirits of overwhelming power and malignity. Below you is the Prague Chu Valley; before you on the other side, long line of mountains-a succession of terrible granite spires, running down, one and all so steep and jagged that it seems as if no snow could ever cling to their sides. They have been fearfully searched by winds that mark the course in sweep of the wrinkled drifts and all the scars and lines run downwards giving the mountains an infinitely cheerless and depreciating expression like a sad, worn face.

“The most valuable mountain exploration ever carried out in the Sikkim Himalayas was that of Mr. Freshfield’s party in 1899…It (the book) is indeed an extraordinarily accurate work.”— F S Smythe, The Khangchendzonga Adventure.

“This dangerous and exciting circuit of Khangchendzonga is a classic of mountain exploration.”—W R Neate, Mountaineering and its Literature.

“A distant view of a snowy range… has a strange power of moving all poets and persons of imagination.” - Douglas.W.Freshfield.




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